3D Animated Services in Dubai

It would seem what other kind of advertising you can use. It seems everything is already invented and used all possible means; even tattoos are applied to advertising, but no. Just a couple of years ago, I was born a new form of advertising – advertising on the asphalt. But this is a very interesting form of advertising, advertising design does not need to be installed, not be applied, and therefore it is not prohibited, 3D Animated Services in Dubai costs a little, well, a large girth area during application advertisement asphalt no harm.

3d animations small

Imagine a way out of the subway or any other station in the heart of Moscow, tens of thousands of people coming out of the metro daily. Of these, thousands look under your feet and throw them into the eyes of advertisements. Hold adds up to six months, and its price is about 500 rubles per accommodation A0 format ads. Billboard in the center of Moscow is many more than 100 000 rubles a month.

It is very different the cost of advertising, for 100 000 rubles, you can at the exit of each station of the Moscow metro to place several ads on the pavement or a billboard. As a result, coverage of the advertising audience on the asphalt lot more efficiency and also greater. Billboards have long become familiar to them and do not pay attention, and advertising on the pavement – is a novelty and new.

Therefore, advertising on asphalt is gaining popularity; even large companies are beginning to book it. For example MGTS for information on the transition to the code 499 ordered Advertising Agencies in Dubai on asphalt, in Moscow was taken by thousands of ads on the pavement of MGTS. Even the Municipality of Moscow requested to MGTS to stop this advertising campaign. Yet the main mass of customers – small and medium businesses, and large companies are eyeing so far only to such advertising, but still it is sometimes bought.

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Albert M. Wilhite is a Professional Marketing Executive with over 14 years of Experience in Media Buying in Dubai and 3D Animation Companies in Dubai.


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