Advertising and Media Agencies in Dubai


Advertising and Media Agencies in Dubai Once they do not call street displays and outdoor LED displays: the video signs and LED media facades and LED display, but the sense of one – street TV. And he is one of the modern trends in the outdoor advertising market. This is confirmed by the fact that the number of such structures is increasing in different cities of the country and the world every year.

So what’s the benefit of Advertising and Media Agencies in Dubai on screens  in comparison with other types of outdoor advertising : buildings, light-boxes on light poles, (billboards large format), light-boxes on buildings and on sidewalks lengthwise roads and alleys, as well as advertising on the unit vectors of public transport?

First of all, the location: they are placed in the most crowded places in the city and, unlike conventional designs, placement which must be booked within a few months, all of those wishing customers a very large (maximum accommodation for prismatron 3 Layout 1 side) screens in this sense are more flexible (can be booked for a few days prior to placement and the number of clients is limited advertising block, typically 5 minutes).

The second advantage – a period of placement. In standard designs duration multiple-month placement and installation work in the majority of cases are from 1 to 5 of the month. And on the screens of the installation is carried out in 1 business day and timing of the broadcast Video Production in Dubai can be set from 1 day, which is very convenient for congratulations, short stocks and hot proposals.

A third advantage we consider a dynamic image that attracts more attention and in the dark significantly stands out among the others. Since the net may be called short-term contact with the consumer: the duration of a commercial is not more than 20 seconds, the cost of accommodation is quite high.

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Albert M. Wilhite is a Professional Marketing Executive with over 14 years of Experience in Media Buying in Dubai and 3D Animation Services in Dubai.


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