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Scientists are already more than a century trying to understand the purpose of each color, of man’s relationship to it. During this time, it published numerous scientific papers and theories, which described the impact of certain colors in the psycho-emotional state of a person. Color primarily affects human emotions appeals to the senses, rather than logic. Psychologists say that 80% of the impact of color is processed by the nervous system, and the remaining 20% ​​of the visual.

Color – one of the most important elements of print Advertising Agency in Dubai that can affect our mood, behavior and health. It’s kind of a link in an advertising message, which has a significant impact on people’s feelings and improves the efficiency of perception. But the most important role in the choice of color is taken into account in the creation of social advertising. This is not advertising the products or goods, the purpose of which is to attract customers and promote the brand of a product.

Social Media Agency in Dubai directional society, or rather to his action or inaction on the contrary. It also should evoke strong emotions, and the strength of its impact is much more powerful than emotion produced when watching commercials, as this type of advertising plays an important role in the creation of moral and spiritual values. Social advertising should be some society, awakening the best in people. As it is aimed at achieving charitable and other socially useful purposes. This kind of method of suppressing the indifference of society to social problems.

That is why is necessary to consider the choice of colors or color scheme to create a social advertising that it excited or wary warned or encouraged. And then social advertising can be an effective tool in suppressing social problems, cause mankind to think, contribute to the development of humanitarian relations between people.

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Albert M. Wilhite is a Professional Marketing Executive with over 14 years of Experience in Media Buying in Dubai and 3D Animation Companies in Dubai.


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