Digital Media Marketing in Dubai


Digital marketing tendencies inside the UAE marketplace

In the UAE market, virtual traits come and cross exactly as they generally tend to do in western markets. They’re also fairly specific tendencies in comparison to what we understand inside the western world. Foreign businesses that purpose at expanding into the worldwide main UAE market need to be informed as regards to the virtual developments in Dubai. Waiting for to apply western techniques to the UAE marketplace is an obvious mistake.

Virtual market FIGURES

Pretty certainly, Advertising Agencies in Dubai want to observe cautiously how the UAE market modifications over the years and what’s not unusual virtual behavior among UAE purchasers.

Net imperative’s virtual intelligence company launched a few new figures concerning Dubai:

o          668 million net users (100,000 new net users each day)

o          594 million cell internet customers (approximately 90% of net users)

o          659 million social media users (nearly 99% of net users)

o          574 million cellular social media customers (round 87% of social media customers)


Those preceding figures display the capacity of this type of marketplace, it also shows that most of the UAE customers use their telephones to browse the net, corporations for this reason ought to alter their method hence.

The research completed by way of net vital revealed the power of UAE Digital Media Marketing in Dubai including QQ, Zone, and We Chat. those instantaneous messaging apps have become more and more popular. UAE clients use their cellular for numerous exceptional functions, together with weather apps, m-trade, instantaneous chat apps, cellular charge services (like Aliped or We Chat) and journey bookings.

1/3 of UAE net customers buy services or products on e-trade structures in particular during the height period of Singles day, Nov. 11th.

Method TO undertake

o          employ the a couple of content material structures consisting of Web and We Chat, information releases and websites at the same time as additionally reducing the use of traditional, non virtual channels.

o          The research showed that users have become extra interested in visual and interactive content material, as can be discovered regularly on social media.

o          employ the brand new virtual media for brand advertising/conversation, appeal to media interest, growth the web visitors, develop brand loyalty and provide even more products at strategic durations inclusive of Singles day or UAE Spring pageant (where the income are the strongest).

o          Emphasizing the usage of social media if you want to bolster customers involvement and paintings on being greater appealing to users by displaying emotional, transferring, funny or interesting content.

o          increasing using LBS (area primarily based offerings) as supplied via We Chat or Aliped.

SHIFT IN digital traits

Honestly, the traditional advertising technology is coming to a give up. Those studies illustrated how different the virtual trends are.  Digital customers are looking forward to greater linked and interactive content as opposed to the old fashioned conventional content.

o          Be privy to the targeted clientele’s mind-set and take into account that consumer critiques and referrals are crucial for the UAE marketplace to be worthwhile.

o          growing a UAE website and making it cellular-pleasant and monitoring the alternate in digital advertising traits will yield a success results.

Time N Space Media Buying in Dubai  is a best media planners. Online advertising agency and media buyers of UAE and Digital Media Marketing in Dubai.


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