Big Mistakes to Avoid When Advertising Your Products

Oh yes, with everything going right, doesn’t mean something cannot go wrong. Every idea is special, every strategy is good but doesn’t mean it would apply everywhere and your business won’t get a setback. Strategizing smartly is good but here are a few things you should avoid if you don’t want your businesses to go south.


Avoiding self-promotion:

Don’t avoid promoting yourself; go for it full-on! People need to know that you love and use your product just as much as you want THEM to. You know the core of the product/idea; your words would always be pure and sincere than any Advertisement Agency Dubai of anything.

Ignoring SEO:

Companies don’t invest in SEO, thinking they don’t need it. But with the mushroom growth of businesses, and immerging competitors it is vital to invest in SEO. It makes your ranking go higher and your reach to your user more.

Blog? What is that?

Yes, you need a blog. You are not above the advertising strategies of the market.

To do a blog correctly, though, you need to the following:

  • Host the blog on your site (
  • Write high-quality content that is 90% useful to your readers. The other 10% can be used for promotions.
  • Respond to each blog comment. This will create trust and a community.

No social Media platform:

If you are not present on the Social Media Marketing Dubai scene, your business does not exist. It is a cosmic power that has taken over the world and it would just do your business good if you promote it though social media platforms and media buying dubai.

Avoiding Businesses conferences:

Is there a business conference in town? Go for it, represent your brand. It is the best way to make new allies and contacts and it just boost your business. Brands which avoid it will soon fade in the background and eventually run out if the business.

No discounted prices:

Discounted prices are a gold mine. It never decreases your sale, rather increases it. Plus it gives the audience something to look forward it. It creates a buzz and hype and more and more people start to talk about your business. It generates newbies as well, which is always a plus.

Not making use of data:

The research you had and also get from daily basis analysis of yoru business should be used. It demands to be used. It gives you a perspective of what is going right and what is going wrong so always put that in consideration.

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