How to Promote Your Business with SMS Marketing

You have a business; you need to communicate about it. You need to market it. Your business could have the best of services or latest product and good prices and have tons of value in it but if the world around you does not know it, it really is of no use, AT ALL. Marketing can be done through any method, there are several of them. SMS marketing is up and coming and is also said to be effective.


SMS Marketing in Dubai is a form of marketing. This includes using a medium which involves text messaging over a mobile device and can be done from a mobile phone or in bulk using an SMS Aggregator and distributor online

Time Efficient:

Sure, you can send an email but people have their phone in their hands all the time. SMS does not need an internet or Wi-Fi connection. It goes directly to your inbox. It is time efficient. Send it quickly; receive it instantly, literally within the blink of an eye.


There are various Advertising Companies in Dubai that offer this service and the best thing about it is that the prices are affordable. Some companies provide you with yearly or quarterly or monthly packages and still it jots down to a very minimum price. Imagine reaching so many people with-in the budget. SMS marketing is good for your pocket. Takes less and gives back in double.

To the point:

Since only 140 characters are allowed, there is no room to go off the track. It has to be on point and it totally helps in making the message that you want to send very clear. There are no confusions left and the customer knows instantly that what reaction they want for it.

Higher open rates:

People tend to open their text messages instantly. Statistics show that 98% of text messages will be opened, and most will be within the first 3 minutes of being received. So, there is your proof. No matter what, the message you send will be received and read. Just make it crunchy enough so that the customer would respond in form of going for the offer.

Higher conversation rates:

Conversion rates average on 8.22% for SMS marketing, which is far higher than email with its 1.73% average conversion rate. SMS marketing’s affordability and high success rate makes it one of the more valuable tools in your marketing toolbox.

Brand positioning:

Obviously you are using all the other methods to market your business. SMS Marketing in UAE is that extra that you would do, which would show to your competitors and your customers that you are in it to win it.

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