How to use social media advertising to promote your business


Social Media Marketing in Dubai is the newest, the effective, and the real communication medium of recent times. The global village is no longer a village but it has become an entire universe in itself, all thanks to the boom of Social Media Platforms.

Customize the platform:

Sing up on any social media platform, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snap chat, Pinterest etc. Make it your own. It should reflect the vision and core of your business or brand or service or product.

One-in-Seven rule:

The rule is simple. Page managers tend to bombard social media platforms with content. One in seven posts that you upload should be directly related to your business. The rest should aid in increasing the general image if the brand.

Conversation starter engagement:

Ask questions from the audience. Make them ask questions from your business. There are many tools present on these social media platforms via which one can communicate with their audience. Take feedback. Arrange interviews about a current product or with a celebrity etc. Anything that will keep the engagement and people coming to your social media platform.

Share your expertise:

Since you own the business, show yourself as the expert in that. Make videos or posts or stories or articles about how if one was in a situation related to your business, how would they achieve success in it or get out that problem. It might seem a little like Aunty Agnes but people want their problems to be heard and the dilemmas they generally have about the products or services you sell should be explained by you.

Valuable deals:

No one ever says no to free stuff or discounted stuff. Offer various deals on your Social Media Services in Dubai. Buy two; get one free etc. kind of deals. People will not only wait for such deals but it will increase the general image of your business as well.

Increase the talk-about:

Arrange contests for your audience with a prize at the end. It will increase the talk about of your social media platform. Audiences want to be talked to, to be engaged. And once you post engaging content, like games, contest etc. it immediately boosts the impression of your business.

Avoid Syndicate messages:

Don’t send same message to all your audience. Every customer wants to feel special and personal communication with them adds as a bonus to the loyalty bond you want to build with them.

Promote it:

Spend a little and advertise on various platforms about a new product or in general. It responds back in double and generates amazing responses. Promotion is always good and a little dough does add to the overall revenues.

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