What is Influencer Marketing?

No need to get confused by the term. We have been using this tool for marketing for ages now, only there has been no official space for it till the recent years.

As the name defines, this type of marketing is mainly derived by influence. This trend has been big in 2016 and is all set to grow even bigger in 2017. Digital media marketing dubai vastly generates a lot of positive response from Influencer marketing. They are paid, either in form of gifts (products that they are promoting) or monetarily. Plus the dissemination of message to customers is important but this type of marketing mainly highlights the influencer and the celebrity status that he/she enjoys.


What is it?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that concentrates on using important cream of the crop to drive your brand’s communication to the bigger market. Rather than publicizing directly to an outsized group of customers, you instead inspire / hire / pay influencers to get out the word for you.

It mainly works through Social Media Marketing dubai or content marketing. The influencer needs to have any sort of social media platform through which he/she can spread the word about the brand or any topic or issue. Both social media and content marketing are a part of influencer media but it may not rely completely on just one. The content produced can either be from the influencer himself/herself or generated by the marketing brains of the brand advertising agency dubai.

Is it Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

No, but it is a sub part of it. Obviously in order to communicate, interpersonal communication has to take place and word of mouth marketing dubai is basically that. However, in order to do influencer marketing, the influencer needs to use the methods of interpersonal communication or word of the mouth marketing it is not the other way around.

Is it Advocate marketing?

No. In advocate marketing the sentiment of loyalty is generated in the consumer, i.e. who are already a consumer of the respective brand. Through Influencer Marketing, new audience is added to the brand, those who in future might mature to become loyalists of the brand.

Key components:

Here are a few steps through which influencer marketing works:

  • The identification for a suitable influencer for your brand or product
  • Generate and execute a marketing strategy that includes those influencers
  • Execute a secondary marketing plan, especially for the influencers, so the message and brand image can be promoted via their channels and content and to their audience.

Track key metrics linking to reach, sales and brand awareness.

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