Different Ways of Mobile Marketing

The modern times have given us mobiles phones and they do play a vital role in marketing. Everyone uses mobile phones and marketing through them via various below mentioned techniques can really increase the impression and revenues of your business, right according to your desires. Some of them are cost effective just as well.

Mobile Marketing Ways


This is the growing trend. Whenever a brand wants to launch a seasonal collection or any sales promotion, a single text message from the brand to the consumer is a good way to not only create hype but also make the consumer feel wanted.

It is also a way to interact rapidly with your customer. Furthermore, the message could be in form of a picture or a video or a gif. Some offers could also be that show the message on arrival and get a discount or a gift etc.

Mobile Applications:

Various brands and companies have started their own Mobile Applications Development ever since the boom of Playstore and Apple app store. It gives them the opportunity to connect with their users on a quicker and personal level. Plus some of them are free of cost; some however demand a little fee.

Mobile Games:

After an app, comes the mobile game. Some brands tend to have a game set up for their consumers. What it does is create more hype of the brand, make the individuals more and more interested in the brand and it boosts the image of the brand immensely. It could be indirectly related to the brand, e.g. a mobile marketing agency dubai and cosmetic company can create a makeover game. That would surely entice it’s users a lot.

Mobile Banner Advertising:

Next comes the banner advertisement. Make your ad pop up on various famous websites and blog throughout the internet. The site or the blogs however, needs to be in relation with the product you are selling. But a pop up banner ad can do you wonders. Banner Advertising campaigns Agency on a mobile are priced in the same way as computer advertising, Mobile marketing, mobile advertising, app marketing on a Cost per Click (CPC) or Cost per Impression (CPM) basis.

Mobile Local Search:

Search engines use the GPS on your phone to know about your whereabouts. Then it suggests the places that are near to you. If you are looking for a gaming zone, it will pop open all nearest gaming zone and their contact details.

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