Different Ways of Mobile Marketing

The modern times have given us mobiles phones and they do play a vital role in marketing. Everyone uses mobile phones and marketing through them via various below mentioned techniques can really increase the impression and revenues of your business, right according to your desires. Some of them are cost effective just as well.

Mobile Marketing Ways


This is the growing trend. Whenever a brand wants to launch a seasonal collection or any sales promotion, a single text message from the brand to the consumer is a good way to not only create hype but also make the consumer feel wanted.

It is also a way to interact rapidly with your customer. Furthermore, the message could be in form of a picture or a video or a gif. Some offers could also be that show the message on arrival and get a discount or a gift etc.

Mobile Applications:

Various brands and companies have started their own Mobile Applications Development ever since the boom of Playstore and Apple app store. It gives them the opportunity to connect with their users on a quicker and personal level. Plus some of them are free of cost; some however demand a little fee.

Mobile Games:

After an app, comes the mobile game. Some brands tend to have a game set up for their consumers. What it does is create more hype of the brand, make the individuals more and more interested in the brand and it boosts the image of the brand immensely. It could be indirectly related to the brand, e.g. a mobile marketing agency dubai and cosmetic company can create a makeover game. That would surely entice it’s users a lot.

Mobile Banner Advertising:

Next comes the banner advertisement. Make your ad pop up on various famous websites and blog throughout the internet. The site or the blogs however, needs to be in relation with the product you are selling. But a pop up banner ad can do you wonders. Banner Advertising campaigns Agency on a mobile are priced in the same way as computer advertising, Mobile marketing, mobile advertising, app marketing on a Cost per Click (CPC) or Cost per Impression (CPM) basis.

Mobile Local Search:

Search engines use the GPS on your phone to know about your whereabouts. Then it suggests the places that are near to you. If you are looking for a gaming zone, it will pop open all nearest gaming zone and their contact details.

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Promotional Gifts Marketing Strategy

Who doesn’t like getting gifts? Everyone does, especially your consumers. In order to make them feel special and wanted, present them with various offers and promotional gifts. Great things are free and are cherished forever.

Long Lasting:

When people receive a Promotional Gift Strategy from a brand, they tend to flaunt it and keep it for a longer period of time, whether or not they are going to use it. Various studies have shown that people normally keep a promotional gift for around a year or more. The benefit is that is constant reminder of the brand. Plus any person in contact with the recipient also gets to know the brand. It is constant and recalling marketing strategy.

Improvement in customers’ opinions:

When a brand or company spends on a promotional activity and give away gifts, it creates hype as well a stronger image of the brand itself. It shows that the brand is invested in the loyalty of its customers and the feedback of the consumer. Once the consumer starts to feel that their opinion, they will come back for the brand’s products and also improve the overall of theirs regarding the brand and its merchandise. Plus it is again a constant reminder of your merchandise to the customers, so that aids in increasing the trust as well.


When brands spend a lot on radio, television, Print Advertisement Agency Dubai, it is good. But it is for the time period, as long as it is in front of the consumer. They are effective but what promotional gifts do is that even though they are a one-time thing, they cost less and they make a long lasting impression.

In actuality, the overall return of investment is larger in promotional gift strategy than any other marketing strategy.

Variety of gifts:

In these days, so many cost-effective things can be used as promotional gifts.

Companies use goody-bags on launch or seasonal offers. They can include custom-made key chains, mugs pens, mobile covers, clocks etc. Choose the gift according to the personality of your brand. A cosmetics company can give away mirrors as a part of their promotional gift, whereas, a car company can give away key chains. They are a memoir in themselves. Consumers are given a constant recollection of their memory on the event they got it, plus they cherish it. It longer time they start personalizing with the brand and that gift becomes more of a souvenir.

Digital Marketing Trends 2017

It is 2017, battles are not fought on the field but a much larger space called the world wide web, with a huge audience to rate your performance. Businesses either flourish or decline due to execution of digital marketing strategies. Some digital marketeering tools will rule the internet scene in 2017 as well, here goes.


Content Marketing:

As simple as it sounds from its name, it is. Content marketing is production of online content mainly. It can be in form of text, or an image or a video. It does not have to be directly related to your product or Brand Advertising Agency but becomes a part of the overall image of your brand.

Companies doing CSR’s and promoting is just an example of it. It is defined as the “tone” for your brand. Brands who have adopted this marketing strategy have a better chance to boom their revenues and business than those who are aloof to it.

Influencer Marketing:

It is growing big. In influencer marketing, people are hired to spread the spread the word about the brand. It is not exactly as brand ambassadors. Rather these people explain how the product helped change their lives. It is more of a testimonial kind of praise. It comes from self-experience and first-hand knowledge of the product, and that is what makes it more convincing to the potential buyers.

These personalities present a world of possibilities for any marketer savvy enough to channel their power. When influencers are used effectively, they create natural ways to seduce a target audience.

Live Video/ Video Storytelling:

Videos are the most instant and impactful medium of this era. It makes everything more believable. While the word of mouth or an image might come out as a lie at times, a live video is happening at that moment and people feel more connected than ever. More than 1 billion people use YouTube on a regular basis. Facebook has its own Live video feature as well. So, imagine the intensity of the impact this medium has over the people. Make it a part of your brand marketing dubai strategy because it gives more than it takes.

Chat Boxes:

Ever go on a website and a chat box just pops open. This is a gold mine in case of digital marketing dubai. The constant interaction with the consumer and instant one is the key to any growing business.

If your competitor is using this feature and you are not, you are at loss because every order that has to be matured, need instant interaction. Even if the order does not mature at that point, the image of the brand stays as an efficient one and pays of in a later purchase.

Expired Social Media content:

The Generation Z has lesser attention span. The content for your social media marketing dubai platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter etc. it has to stay crisp. And it has to change rapidly. No point pinning one topic over and over because the audience will lose interest.  The premise is simple: Look now, or lose your chance forever.


The content that you are producing for the Digital Media Marketing or digital world must be in-coherence with the personality of your target audience. Hit the bull’s eye with relate-able content. Take note of your target audiences’ behaviors, age, gender etc. Make the content according to their needs and wishes that would just rile them up over your brand.

Automated Marketing:

Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. Many marketing departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, digital media dubai and advertising dubai, media buying dubai other website actions. The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier.

Benefit from these tools in 2017 and close on higher revenues by the end of this year.

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Google AdWords and Digital Media

In today’s age, digital media is all on the boom. And Google Adwords has taken the online advertising by storm. It is easier to understand, it is transparent, and it is accurate and is the future.

Increased Leads and Customers:

With Google Adwords you will get the most out of your online campaign. This Digital Media Marketing tool has changed the scene for digital advertising. It is very focused as far as targeted audience, demographics, location, message is concerned. It can generate the required outcome and the customers. It has the budding to send extremely targeted leads to your E-commerce website, website, opt-in form or other online property.

This means you can repeatedly improve your searches so that only those who want to purchase your merchandises or services are sent to your websites through this platform or media buying and planning dubai.

Flexible Marketing Platform:

It can gather an entire internet audience towards your product or take it away from it. Your brand has potential more to grow with it, then without because it focuses on specific users according to their age, location, gender, interests, hobbies etc. Hence, you can create an entire campaign that is just about right for your own brand’s image and revenue generation.


Higher Return on Investment:

You only have to pay for ads people click on. With this tool you can get a high ROI which may not be possible to achieve with any other marketing strategies. Obviously with a strategy in hand, a trial and error is there but once you get to know what are the high points for revenue generation through Google Adwords response on your ads, then you can continue working on those specific campaigns.

Transparent, faster Results:

Once the campaign goes live, the responses are noted and they are correct and transparent. So, either one can wisely continue investing in that sector or refrain from it. It’s easy to study the progress of your Google AdWords Campaigns because its dashboard gives you all the information related to each campaign such as the ads clicked, keywords entered by website visitors, cost of clicks and much more.

Businesses Find Out More about Their Market

This advertising agency dubai and tool produces information about consumer habits and requirements, commerce proprietors in previous compeers could only dream about. The keywords used to find the website, their location, the devices they use, the times and days they search and other information obtained through Google AdWords can be extremely valuable.

This statistics can be used to deliver better products and facilities. It can also improve your digital media marketing dubai efforts so you’re not worsening money by marketing and advertising dubai to people who are not concerned about what you have to offer.

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What is Influencer Marketing?

No need to get confused by the term. We have been using this tool for marketing for ages now, only there has been no official space for it till the recent years.

As the name defines, this type of marketing is mainly derived by influence. This trend has been big in 2016 and is all set to grow even bigger in 2017. Digital media marketing dubai vastly generates a lot of positive response from Influencer marketing. They are paid, either in form of gifts (products that they are promoting) or monetarily. Plus the dissemination of message to customers is important but this type of marketing mainly highlights the influencer and the celebrity status that he/she enjoys.


What is it?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that concentrates on using important cream of the crop to drive your brand’s communication to the bigger market. Rather than publicizing directly to an outsized group of customers, you instead inspire / hire / pay influencers to get out the word for you.

It mainly works through Social Media Marketing dubai or content marketing. The influencer needs to have any sort of social media platform through which he/she can spread the word about the brand or any topic or issue. Both social media and content marketing are a part of influencer media but it may not rely completely on just one. The content produced can either be from the influencer himself/herself or generated by the marketing brains of the brand advertising agency dubai.

Is it Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

No, but it is a sub part of it. Obviously in order to communicate, interpersonal communication has to take place and word of mouth marketing dubai is basically that. However, in order to do influencer marketing, the influencer needs to use the methods of interpersonal communication or word of the mouth marketing it is not the other way around.

Is it Advocate marketing?

No. In advocate marketing the sentiment of loyalty is generated in the consumer, i.e. who are already a consumer of the respective brand. Through Influencer Marketing, new audience is added to the brand, those who in future might mature to become loyalists of the brand.

Key components:

Here are a few steps through which influencer marketing works:

  • The identification for a suitable influencer for your brand or product
  • Generate and execute a marketing strategy that includes those influencers
  • Execute a secondary marketing plan, especially for the influencers, so the message and brand image can be promoted via their channels and content and to their audience.

Track key metrics linking to reach, sales and brand awareness.

Established since 2000 Time N Space Media LLC. Time N Space Media LLC is a video productions house with offices and studios in Dubai and UAE, Best Advertising Agency in Dubai, Commercial TVC Maker, Advertising Agencies, Media planning and Buying, Digital Media Marketing Dubai, Creative Advertising, 2D and 3D Animation Services.

Benefits of Using Signage

A signage, billboard, hoarding, streamer or a display can do wonders for any business. It is a way of letting masses know, we are here and we will stay here for long. There is higher chance of consumers buying from your brand if they can recall it at the time of shopping. Signage gives the product/brand the edge of continuous recall feature. A well designed and creatively executed signage will make your brand stand out among its contemporaries.


Purpose of Signage:

You want a silent salesperson that continuously reminds every one of you? Signage is your answer. Outdoor signage makes you stand out among the crowd. It draws all the attention towards your brand and raises the question as to what is “new” with this brand.

Similarly, indoors signage is also important. Once the customer is in your outlet’s proximity, he/she will want to know the merchandise and indoor signage helps with that.

Signs serve as a crucial link between a business and its consumers.

Types of Signage:

Outside signs can be building-mounted or ground-mounted.

Building-mounted signs, which are in closer proximity of the outlet or place of business, are useful in areas where pedestrians are more prevalent, such as a downtown shopping area.

Ground-mounted signs can take on a diversity of shapes and sizes, and are usually fixed near a road to appeal the attention of passing passengers.

Not only as billboards but signage can be mobile as well. Vehicles are often adorned with advertisement and then the outdoor marketing dubai goes to another level. The brand advertising dubai is on the move and so is the word of the brand.

Importance of Signage:

They play a very vital role in the overall marketing and Advertising Agencies Dubai strategy of the brand. They usually have logos of the brand and that can make it really stick in the brains of the masses. Any new offer, or campaign, or sales promotions etc. is displayed through it and to gather more attention to it is done through signage. Imagine being in the minds of people all year long and all day long? Yes, that is what outdoor advertising dubai or indoors advertising dubai signs do for your business.


Signs are affordable and cost-effective way to strategize your marketing and Digital Media Marketing Dubai plan. A corporate technique used to calculate the cost of reaching a thousand prospective consumers is the cost-per-thousand. With signage, it becomes much lower than other types of advertising dubai, media buying and planning dubai, such as radio advertising dubai, televisions and newspapers.

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What is Target Marketing?

Set the target and hit the bull’s eye is what Target Marketing in Dubai is. To elaborate in more specific and easy terms, a target market is a group of customers a business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise towards. A well-defined target market is the first element of a marketing strategy. … A target market is a group of people considered likely to buy a product or service.

People don’t just show up once you launch a new business or product or service. No! Time and again it has been emphasized enough that one needs to have a marketing strategy to reach to the audience and give business a kick start.


Do some researches before you launch a new idea? You already know your product, now it is time to know what customer will buy it. Research is necessary for nay business. What is the profile of your customer? Know that and then plan ahead.

Target marketing and advertisement agency dubai is the most current method of marketing to consumers based on research into their interests, hobbies, and needs. Previously people used to do cohort marketing or generational marketing but with times, the needs of the market change, the techniques change and then new methods have to be invented to get more and better outcomes from the process.

In the past the life was set. People lived their lives according to the rule set for them. Small business would market through interpersonal communication while bigger businesses would use Print Media in Dubai or Electronic Media in Dubai to reach to the audience. Later on, instead of defining everybody by gender and stage of life, they began to consider things like demographics and socio-economic factors when targeting customers.

With advances in technology like credit cards and store loyalty programs came a solution: digital marketing dubai. Suddenly it was possible to market to people based on their past purchases and buying patterns, because we could track those purchases and buying patterns. And as it turns out, this is a highly effective method of grouping consumers for targeted advertising agencies in dubai.

Now it is even more simplified. Identify your target audience.

Who are they? This includes basic demographic details such as age, gender, family size, educational level, and occupation here. Where are they? The place in which the target audience resides shows their background, their wealth, their mind set. You can know where you can market your product and Advertising Agencies Dubai where you should not because it won’t have an effect, because your product is not their need.

Why? Why would they buy your product? What is in it for them? Once they have the need for your product as in it enhances their lifestyle, it has an effect to increase their social statuses etc. they will go for it.


All customers are Media Buying in Dubai products to fulfill a need, but how do they regard that need? How do they regard your product? Target your market through research and then it becomes easy and guaranteed as well that your business will boost.

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